Friday, September 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes: 14th September 2012

1.  A local radio station has a slot on Friday mornings where people can phone or text in a description of their weekend in three words. This would be mine:

London with kids

In slightly more words, I'm planning to take Marie and Rose to London tomorrow, at Marie's request. Not sure what we will do but possibilities are the Princess Diana memorial playground at Kensington Gardens and the National Gallery.

2.  On my way to work I drive across a hump-backed bridge over the canal. As there is only room for one car and it isn't possible to see if anything is coming the other way until nearly at the top it has to be approached very slowly and cautiously. This morning I got there slightly ahead of a car coming in the opposite direction and had virtually stopped while I made sure the other car was going to wait for me. Just as I was about to move on a muntjac deer appeared from a hedge on the other side of the bride and ran down the road across the bridge, leaving myself and the other driver doing a double-take. Apparently deer cannot read roadsigns!

3.  I am home (almost) alone. Tevye, Helen and Marie are all out, and Rose is tucked up in bed. I am enjoying peace and quiet and a glass of red wine.

4.  I think I fall on the cusp between introvert and extrovert, using the Myers-Briggs style definition of an extrovert being someone who gains energy from being with others and an introvert someone who needs alone time to energise. When life is busy and I spend a lot of time with people I need quiet time to recharge; when it is quiet and I get plenty of time alone, being with others make me buzz.

5.  Shamelessly pinching one of Tevye's Facebook updates:
"We were discussing school at bedtime and Rose said that geography was her favourite subject cos she likes countries. So I asked what her favourite country was. After much thought, and silently trying to mouth various words, she suddenly announced with great flourish and triumph ... Bosnia and Herzegovina."
That child does love words!

6.  Knitting update ... I'm currently on a rather boring pair of navy blue socks, which I need to finish in time for my mother's birthday next Friday (I've just started the second sock, so it is possible but challenging). Once they are done I will be making a Bedford sweater for Marie at her request, using Cascade 220 Superwash in brown. I ordered some from Nutty Knitting Supplies last week and it arrived within 24 hours. Excellent service!

7.  I like the look of the new iPhone 5. I'm not fussed about having 4G, but a larger screen, a faster processor, and longer battery life are tempting. Not that I can be tempted yet as I still have 9 months to run on my contract for my iPhone 4.

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ellie said...

My son (the grownup one!) and I are both tempted by the new phone! Definitely not in the budget right now, though we don't actually have a contract since we're past the first two years ... Well, hopefully we will be able to upgrade, maybe in the spring.

Missus Wookie said...

I have the budget for the phone as I've been waiting to see what the new camera was like... the rest is interesting too but the camera will be the clincher ;)