Saturday, September 15, 2012

3rd Port: Venice

This was my third visit to Venice - I went with Tevye before Helen was born, and we took Helen and Marie for a day trip during a holiday in Italy when they were 8 and 5. Amazing place, and one I would love to visit many more times.

We splurged and rode on a gondola. Four out of five of us loved it. The fifth, smallest member of the party was in a mood and was determinedly not impressed.

We started off on the Grand Canal. Lots of traffic, which made it a bit bumpy (Rose took this as a personal affront).

Then we headed onto the side "streets". This was the beautiful part of the ride, gliding silently along quiet, narrow canals.

I was really pleased with this picture, which caught the reflection of the buildings in the still water of the canal.

When in Italy, eat ice cream.

Another view of the Grand Canal in the opposite direction. This time taken from a bridge (from the steps of the Rialto, I think). 

When we left the port we sailed past the city, giving us the most magnificent panoramic view. This picture of St Mark's Square and the Doge's Palace was taken from the ship (iPhone from a distance, so not the greatest quality).


Margaret in Minnesota said...

Well, she may not have been happy about that ride on the canal but OH MY GOODNESS, that little face!

Almost makes the pouting worth it, doesn't it? When they're that cute?

And I agree with you--that shot of the reflected buildings is really lovely. You have my permission to make a print & frame it...

...and then send it to me. :)

Have a beautiful week!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful, beautiful family! It's so nice to see you all together! And I agree with Mags, her little face is so funny and expressive.

Missus Wookie said...

Did the Gelato cheer her up? Oh dear...

Gorgeous looking photos and glad the rest of you all enjoyed the canals.