Sunday, September 16, 2012

4th Port: Dubrovnik

I had been looking forward to visiting the Old City of Dubrovnik, but although it is a lovely place I  found it slightly disappointing. Partly because it was very hot and we were all exhausted after doing a LOT of walking in Venice the day before, and partly because it was smaller and more crowded than I expected. August, it seems, is not the best time to visit.

Onofrio's Fountain, just inside the entrance to the city at the Pile gate. 

Street entertainment.

The bell tower, with a bit of Sponza's Palace to the right and the Ploce Gate to the left.

Orlando's column in front of the cathedral. Built in 1419 as a symbol of liberty and independence.

A view down the main street, Stradun, looking towards the Pile Gate. The Old City is really quite tiny, with tiny, steep side streets running from the Stradun up to the walls.

Steps up the city wall next to the Pile Gate. A walk round the city walls is recommended and supposed to have superb views, but it was far too hot and we were much to tired to contemplate it.

Dubrovnik was besieged during the Croatian War of Independence and it is hard to believe that this beautifully kept city was heavily shelled only 20 years ago, with a significant proportion of its buildings sustaining damage. The Croats have done an excellent job of restoration. 


Missus Wookie said...

Lots of nice photos tho (and as i've just finished the Photo Scavanger couldn't help notice that you've got three of the 21 already here ;)

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