Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day Zero Project: Catching Up

I started the Day Zero Project back in October 2010 and after six months of enthusiasm mostly forgot about it. In a fit of New Year-ish-ness I decided to see what else I had checked off since I last posted about the project last April and what I would particularly like to do this year.

So, successes over the last few months:

  • 11. Fit comfortably into a pair of size 14 jeans. Yay! I am now the proud owner of three pairs of size 14 jeans which I had to buy as every single pair of jeans (and other trousers) I owned had got to large. Pride forces me to add that a UK size 14 is a US size 12!
  • 18. Buy a zoo membership and use it at least 4 times a year. Teyve and I took Rose to zoo at the beginning of the month, which I am sure is at least the fourth time we used our zoo passes, and possibly the fifth.
  • 30. Swim in the sea - Spain in August.
  • 31. Make a sand castle - ditto. 
  • 36. Knit myself a sweater - it wasn't the greatest sweater ever, but I finished on in October.
  • 54. Watch the entire series of Upstairs, Downstairs. I think we got to the end of Series 5 in July.
Hmm. Not that many, but it makes a total of 33 out of my original 101 ideas so far. I have also made progress on a number of others. I never imagined there was any chance of doing them all, but it is a fun way of recording ideas for things I would like to do and to at least occasionally encourage me out of my comfort zone.

This year I would like to achieve some of my fitness, reading and decluttering goals. Tevye and I are planning to try to go to the cinema once a month this year, I'm aiming to knit twelve pairs of socks (you can never knit too many socks, and I only made it to seven last year) and I am truly optimistic that I can reach my goal of losing 20 pounds, as I think I have already lost about 12 to 15. You can see my whole list here


Pamela said...

Yikes! I'd better head over and take a look at mine - I, too, started off strong and then just forgot all about it. Congrats on those size 14 (12) jeans! Perhaps I will make it there this year.

Missus Wookie said...

I sadly had to buy some 16s after putting several pounds on last year :sigh: Hoping to get back into my 14s this year. Congratulations on doing so many of your list - surely the Rainbow fairies and advent books must have helped the read to Cherub one?

There is another blogger who is doing a 'read with David' journal - simple online word doc with cover scan (or from amazon I'd suspect) plus a form to complete on what David and Mom thought of the book. Did think I wish I had done such a thing with my small ones... a

Augie said...

Good blog. Thank you for your dedication, and the texture, not un-moored to the bookish. A marvelous blog we've stumbled upon, by a down-to-earth and intensely bookish author who'd begun serializing a story. "A Song for Strangers" was my favorite. It's
One look, you're spirit will bring you back.