Friday, July 15, 2011

1. So this has been my first full week at work. I am doing well with fitting work into my life, just not there with working and blogging yet!

2. First impressions? Very good indeed. I have a lovely job share partner, a great boss, and everyone seems very friendly. Getting to grips with the documents I will be cataloguing is interesting, and I think they will turn out to be more varied than I expected. I am clambering up a steep learning curve this week, but I think it will start to get easier within another week or two. 

3. I love my little train. I haven't quite adjusted to how small the trains are (sometimes a single carriage) and how quiet the line is - very much a railway backwater. It makes "rush hour" relaxing though! 

4. Combining a short drive with the train is working beautifully. I can get from home to the platform in 15 minutes or less, there is a short, easy walk at the other end, and 30 minutes relaxing on the train in the middle. Overall it is taking me about an hour door to door. Driving would take 45 minutes, but be much more tiring and stressful. 

5. Cherub went to breakfast club at school for the first time on Wednesday. After looking forward to it for weeks, she had a last minute wobble and panic at the prospect of doing something new. I dropped off a crestfallen, sad little person - then when I picked her up after school she said it was great fun and when could she go again! Phew! Nerves overcome.

6. & 7. I am out of time. I have a train to catch!

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PixieMum said...

The work and train journey sound fascinating, so pleased for you as these sorts of positions are so rare.

Interesting how one's offspring can be scared of the unknown, once they have tried something it's all fine. Ours baulked at moving house at the ages of 15 & 17 - and that was to a better property just 100 yards around the corner.

Well done to Cherub, thank you for telling us about it all. Now I must blog about our boring lives.

Missus Wookie said...

yeah was hoping that it all was going well!

You'll have to get to grips with blogging on the phone... so you can use that commute time (which does sound lovely)