Sunday, January 02, 2011

Day Zero Project: January 2011 Update

I have checked off two more items from my Day Zero Project list, bringing my total so far to seven:

55. Watch all 3 Lord of the Rings movies in a weekend
I actually watched the extended DVD versions of all three over five evenings, but I'm counting it as the equivalent of a weekend.

64. Write a blog post every day for 1 month
Yes, every single day during December. I'm glad I did this one, as it has got me back into the swing of posting regularly. I'm sure I won't keep up daily posts, but I definitely found that the more I posted, the more I thought of things I wanted to post about.

I have made progress on a few others:

* Watched another classic movie (The Miracle on 34th Street, original version)
* Finished two more pairs of socks - or maybe three? I can't check my notes as the Day Zero Project site is down, a victim of its own success as it exceeded its bandwidth and is having to change servers.
* Read two biographies: (1) So Much to Tell by Valerie Grove, about Kaye Webb, the publisher responsible for Puffin children's books in the sixties and seventies (disappointing, as I didn't find her a very sympathetic character); (2) Boris: the Rise of Boris Johnson by Andrew Gimson
* Read more books to Cherub (again, I can't check my list).


Like sunshine in the home said...

Let me know if you manage to keep up with Lost. We totally lost interest after a while, too confusing.

Visit Lancashire! :)

The cardigan looks great.

Shirley said...

I agree. Your Mr Greenjeans cardi is great. Do you have a pattern in mind for the Aran cardigan you promised fkr yourself.

I'm the same; I feel I really ready to knit for myself for a change and I was pondering an Aran cardi.
Hubby and I both had them years ago and we wore them constantly.
I've dug out an old classic v neck cardigan pattern and I'm of a mind to just make a start.
How about you?

The Bookworm said...

Shirley ... I also dug out an old pattern. Just posted a picture of it.