Sunday, January 02, 2011

Rules of Three

However bad I am at keeping them, I always like to have goals or resolutions for a new year. This year I am going with short and simple, and have come up with three rules of three:

1. Limit my own screen time to three hours a day. (I am thinking of TV or "fun" computer time, not counting study time, necessary stuff like accounts or grocery shopping, or reading books on the iPad).

2. Do "just five minutes" sessions in three rooms every day. (Or, more realistically, most days. Three minutes would fit my theme more neatly, but would be taking short bursts a bit far!)

3. Avoid three S's - snacks, sweets and second-helpings - except on days beginning with an S (I saw a reference on a blog somewhere to The S Plan
Diet, or some such, and this sounded realistic and do-able for me).


Pamela said...

I like the S Plan! I tend to slack off on weekends but because I've been moderating my eating during the week, I find I don't over-indulge too much!

Like sunshine in the home said...

Sounds like a plan. :)

Faith said...

Oh I just love this! So simple, sensible and easy to remember! Mind if I adopt it?