Sunday, September 26, 2010

Catholic Menopausebloggers

Now loose in blogland thanks to Amy Welborn (HT: Sally at Castle in the Sea):

The blogosphere is full of Mommybloggers.  Pregnant, homeschooling, crafting, lactating, birthing, monetizing…mommybloggers!

You know what I don’t see out there?

Catholic Menopausebloggers!
Judging from the comments, there are a few around. In my case, I don't quite belong to the club - no real menopause symptoms yet, apart from the occasional super-short cycle blip - but it is my 50th birthday next month, so I presume it can't be far off. Emotionally I feel as though I'm already there, having made that mental shift of knowing that the baby days are behind me and that a new stage of life is beginning.

And as a fifty year old with a four year old, I am definitely a fully paid up member of another group she introduces in the comments: Kindergarten Moms Who Are Old Enough to Be Moms of the Other Kindergarten Moms!  Mercifully I haven't yet been mistaken for Cherub's grandmother, but I'm sure it will come.

I'd love to hear advice or experiences from any readers out there who have already come out the other side of the menopause. Is there anything I should know?


Karen E. said...

You can have some of my symptoms. :) I'm not fully there yet, so if you get any great advice, let me know.

Linds said...

I am speaking from the other side, and thankfully, I did not have a single problem. One day I was pre-menopausal and then next it was over. It can happen. I was very lucky indeed. My friends look at me with baleful eyes. My sister also sailed through with no problems. It must be in the genes!

Nancy Piccione said...

As a mom who does get mistaken for her children's grandmother (we live in a small town, people are parents a lot younger; it's really not that bad and allows me to have lots of laughs), I am a member of both clubs (well, "perimenopausal" club) and read Amy's post last week with interest. That must have prompted me (I thought it was the Mass reading from Job-Ralph McInerny connection) earlier this morning to re-post this from a couple of years back.