Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday 5: Favourite Items in My Wardrobe

1. Floral summer dress from Marks and Spencer.  Has a better shape when it is worn that it looks here!

2. Deep cerise cardigan from DKNY. I am not a designer label person, but impulse bought this on a trip to an outlet shopping village recently because I loved the colour (deeper than it looks here) and it was so comfortable. It was also heavily discounted! I think I'm going to get a lot of wear out of it.

3. Monochrome floral tunic from Yours. I've worn this a lot this summer with black linen trousers, and it also works with black jeans and a cardigan so I can keep wearing it as the weather gets cooler. I have another, similar tunic in navy with a bold blue and pink floral pattern, and I dithered over which one to put here as I like them equally - in the end I went for this black one as the photo came out better!

4. Purple casual jacket from Next. Lightweight cotton, but with a silky look. Purple is my current favourite colour. Earlier this month Star challenged me not to wear anything purple for a week. I did it, but it was tough!

5. Black shoe-boots from Marks and Spencer. Waiting for the weather to get colder so I can wear these.


PixieMum said...


Many thanks for your comment about the knitting. I feel so chuffed, especially as I have completed the first sleeve and started the second one, having now done nearly all two and half inches of rib.

Like your article of favourite clothes, I have garments that I wear and wear and others that languish in the wardrobe. As I have now retired from paid employment I'm at a crossroads in clothing terms, need smartish things for church, social events, not business wear for everyday but as my my friend said "Don't get into the habit of slouching around in jogbots all the time" and I haven't.

Think I may copy you and blog on this at some time. Must look out camera but now it is bedtime!

Off to see Daughter in role of bridesmaid tomorrow (Sunday) at church in Berkshire but we won't be at reception I'm pleased to say.

Thanks for your support and for your interesting blog.


Teresa Dawn said...

I especially love the cardigan and shoes... (Even if I don't wear heels myself...)

Missus Wookie said...

Ooooh love the heels. Purple - hmm not sure I've got much, terracotta or green however, would be hard!