Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday 5: Christmas Wish List

Yes, I know it isn't Friday, and it is only August ... but as someone who likes to be finished shopping for Christmas by the end of November (crazy band schedule in December, and crazy dance show schedule to add to it this year), and who has a birthday between now and then, and often has bright ideas that disappear out of my head the instant somebody asks if there is anything I would like for an upcoming gift occasionI was inspired to put together a Christmas-cum-birthday wish list when I spotted this on Pamela's blog.

1. iPad (iWish!)

2. KnitPro Interchangeable Needles 
But which to choose ... pretty symphonie wooden tips or metal ones?

 3. Cath Kidston Floral Tiny Umbrella
Confession: I bought this today and gave it to Tevye to put away from my birthday!

4. Wii Fit
Because I'm not.

5. Soap and Glory Toiletries
Highly recommended by Angel

1 comment:

Linds said...

What a great idea. I do believe I will do the same, although my list may well have more than 5 things on it! Number one is the same as yours, though!