Sunday, August 01, 2010

August Plans

Firming up on my earlier thoughts, and posting a list to keep myself accountable:

Things To Do For Myself

  • Throw out 30 more bags of stuff (surely one a day must be manageable?)
  • Read at least part of a book everyday (even if it is just a few pages)
  • Swim a couple of times a week
  • Knit a cardigan for Cherub and finish two half-made pairs of socks
  • Learn to use the sewing machine and make something wearable for Cherub
  • Work at the record office one day a week
Things To Do With The Girls
  • Help Angel and Star to sew something for themselves
  • Help Cherub do some arty-crafty projects
  • Read to Cherub everyday
  • Movie evenings with the big girls
  • Reorganise Playmobil with Cherub
Places To Go
  • Pick your own farm
  • Day trip to Wicksteed Park (I have some discount vouchers)
  • Girly shopping days with Angel and Star
  • Day at the zoo
  • Trip to London to take Star and Cherub to the Science Museum
  • Take Star to buy her first pair of pointe shoes for ballet
Checking back over July, I'm fairly happy with what I achieved:
  • Knit something and finish it - even my knitting is drifting (socks? I feel a sock-knitting urge coming on) - check. One pair of socks and parts of two others knitted.
  • Take Cherub to the butterfly farm - no, but we did go to the children's farm
  • Visit the pick-your-own farm to pick strawberries - no 
  • Spend more time outdoors - pretty good during the second half of the month, helped by our holiday
  • Read (and finish!) at least four books - half there. Finished two books while we were away.
  • Bake chocolate caramel shortbread - check
  • Keep my flowers alive - check. Not exactly flourishing, but still alive and flowering.

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Missus Wookie said...

Yeah for the flowers still surviving and hope you get the rest of your list done!