Sunday, June 27, 2010

July Plans

Inspired by Jenn at As Cozy as Spring I thought I'd list a few plans for July ... I seem to be going through a drifting stage, where too little gets done. I know July is going to be a difficult month. My mother is having her knee replacement surgery on Wednesday, which will mean hospital visiting and then caring for her until she is fit enough to go home on her own. Even so, listing some things I would like to do makes it more likely that I will actually do them:

  • Knit something and finish it - even my knitting is drifting (socks? I feel a sock-knitting urge coming on)
  • Take Cherub to the butterfly farm
  • Visit the pick-your-own farm to pick strawberries
  • Spend more time outdoors
  • Read (and finish!) at least four books
  • Bake chocolate caramel shortbread
  • Keep my flowers alive
Not much, but a few gentle targets to aim for.

1 comment:

Nancy Piccione said...

Please share the chocolate caramel shortbread recipe when you do make it! Sounds great. The plans are a good idea, too. I'm pondering...