Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Musical Interludes

Sunday was a musical day, albeit a rather eccentric one.

Musical Interlude No.1

Instrument: Trombone

Location: Golf course. First tee. Outdoors. In the snow.

A golf club engaged the brass band to add musical accompaniment to the ceremonial drive off of the incoming club captain. I can tell you from personal experience that metal instruments, with metal mouthpieces, are not ideally suited to snowy conditions. On the plus side, you can play a trombone wearing gloves, and they gave us bacon butties and hot coffee to warm us up afterwards.

Musical Interlude No.2

Instrument: Flute
Location: Church

Musically straightforward enough, but ecclesiastically cock-eyed. Our parish priest is on holiday in the Algarve (talk about good timing!), and his substitute couldn't make it through the snow. We ended up with a Communion Service instead of Sunday Mass.

Musical Interlude No.3

Instrument: Violin
Location: Home

I took my violin out to play for the first time in an age, and Cherub was inspired to want to play "her" violin. The smallest violin we have is a quarter-size, which is still far too large for Cherub, so we turned it upside down and pretended it was a cello. After "playing" for quite some time, she thinks she might like to learn cello when she is older ... but then again, maybe she would rather play the trumpet. Choices, choices!


Anonymous said...

Lol, Chatterbox wanted to learn violin but hubs said no - he has memories of his brother learning - "scree, scree, scree". So she chose clarinet instead.

Pam said...

What's the difference between a communion service and Mass? Is that when someone else has to preside and it's just a memorial service as in a Protestant church?


Theresa said...

So so so cute!
And I just have to know: what on earth are bacon butties?

The Bookworm said...

Pam, a communion service is sometimes held when there is no priest available to say Mass. During the Mass the bread is consecrated, and we believe is transformed into the Body of Christ. Only a priest can say the prayer of consecration (Eucharistic prayer), so if there is no priest there can be no Mass. However, the consecrated bread (the Blessed Sacrament) can be kept and distributed at a later time in a communion service led by lay people. The service takes essentially the same form as the Mass, but with the Eucharistic prayer missed out. Another substitute priest was able to get to the Church for Mass on Saturday night, and he consecrated extra bread so there would be enough to last the whole weekend. Our parish sometimes has communion services during the week, but this was the first time we have had one on Sunday. Hope that makes sense!

Theresa ... "butty" is northern dialect for a sandwich, so "bacon butties" are bacon sandwiches (or in this case, big chunky bread rolls stuffed with hot bacon. Yum!).

Sarah ... learner clarinets can make some pretty interesting noises too!

Sandra said...

That is so cute and you know what, I agree with you on the clarinet LOL

Jasmine just started a few months ago and YIKES is all I can say at times LOL