Friday, November 20, 2009

That Job Application

I mentioned the job application I sent in, but never got round to explaining it. I wasn't actually looking for a job, just clicking around the internet wondering about the possibilities for part time work once Cherub is at school ... and in the process I stumbled across a couple of Open University courses that looked right up my street to teach and had vacancies for tutors.

The Open University is exactly what it says. Open to anyone, of any age, to study anywhere. All its courses are taught by correspondence (and increasingly online), with occasional local face to face tutorials where possible. Until a few years ago I taught medieval history part time at a university college that only takes older students wanting to combine part time study with work or family responsibilities. All its classes were held in the evenings which meant I could both homeschool and teach. When I saw the OU vacancies listed I remembered how much I had enjoyed teaching non-traditional students and decided to send in an application. As I would be able to work from home, largely in my own time, I should be able to juggle tutoring around family responsibilities if I end up getting offered the job.

As it turns out, applying for OU tutoring appears to be a long game. Applications disappear into a database, and are only considered when or if a potential tutor's skills and location match up with student numbers and locations. This suits me fine, as my ideal would be to get work later rather than sooner - next year would be manageable, but the year after next would be much better. In theory, my experience matches the job requirements exactly, so I'm hopeful that something will come up eventually if I sit tight and wait. Watch this space ... but don't expect anything to happen quickly!


David Harrington said...

Well said... I agree with you.

Dorothy said...

I hope it all works out eventually for you. I'm sure you'd be great at it!

Mary G said...

Kathryn ... I'd hire ya! Sounds like a perfect situation and more power to you if you want to teach medieval!

Looking forward to hearing, eventually, a wonderful outcome.

Veronica said...

Oh, that sounds like an interesting gig. I'll keep your application in my prayers and that everything works out the best in God's timing. And how wonderful if you could teach from home! I'm all about working from home if one can. ; )

Anonymous said...

I'll keep you in my prayers too, it sounds very interesting.