Friday, November 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes

This week seems to lend itself to quick takes ...

1. Tevye the Compensation King won another small skirmish in his personal war against corporate Britain. A certain large supermarket provided "seedless" grapes that weren't. He is now in possession of a letter of profuse apology and a £5 gift card. I only suggested he should try to get some free grapes.

2. Tevye gains, I lose. I got engrossed in the library and clean forgot I was out of time on my car park ticket.  Result: a £25 parking fine. Groan.

3. Kitchen disaster number 1 ... a bottle of vinegar fell out of a cupboard and into a jug of gravy, which went flying, mostly over the floor but also over my hand. Fortunately it was only a very minor scald - stung for a day or so, but that was all. Also fortunately, nobody else was in the way. Moral: be more careful about putting things away tidily and not just shoving them in any old how.

4. Kitchen disaster number 2 ... I managed to dislodge one of the door shelves in the fridge, sending an (unopened, bah!) bottle of wine crashing to the floor. Glass and wine everywhere. Then I managed to get a small splinter of glass in my hand - the other one - and bled over Henry as I hoovered up the remnants (what other vacuum could even swallow broken glass without wincing?). Moral: keep bottles of wine lower down.

5. Yesterday was one of those days. I was tired, and three year olds are hard work, especially when they are trying to assert themselves. And there was the wine disaster. And constant interruptions. Enough said. 

6. Cherub these days is very insistent that she is BIG. This despite the fact that she is still built on a very small scale, and is barely an inch taller than my friend's almost two year old. If anyone makes the mistake of calling her a little girl, she is most indignant. 

7. Cherubism of the week ... practicing hopping with much concentration but little success ... "Hopping is very difficult. I'll learn to hop when I am older. I think maybe when I am eleven-teen."

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Debbie said...

#3 and #4 sort of remind me of the game "Mouse Trap" that we used to play when I was little. One thing happens that sets off a chain reaction that you just can't stop. We all have those days.

Chelsea said...

Sheesh! Your kitchen sounds dangerous!

Missus Wookie said...

Cherub is quite right - it's the inside that counts so she is big. And we think eleven-teen sounds about right for tricky things like hopping.

Hope your kitchen is less dangerous...