Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stuck in Mud

The girls (mine plus J and A-Next-Door) had a wonderful time at the pick-your-own farm yesterday.

Star did her best to get stuck in the mud. She nearly succeeded.

Cherub the Brave (not!) did her best to copy, which was fun until she discovered her feet had gone all heavy. Then she ran away from the mud squeaking in panic.

The wheelbarrow was too much of a temptation. Why walk when you can ride? Because the wheelbarrow is very unstable, that's why, as J-Next-Door (now recovered from her probably-not-swine flu) discovered.

Which, of course, did not stop Star from trying. Duh.

Some picking did get done, though mostly by myself and K-next-door. Cherub did her best, and Star contributed quite a bit. Teenage girls in giggly mode are not very useful, I'm afraid - though they did keep Cherub entertained.

We came home with a few strawberries (past their best now), red gooseberries, raspberries and peas. Today's to-do list includes shelling and freezing peas, making a couple of gooseberry crumbles, and thinking of something to do with a large tub of raspberries.

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Jennifer said...

I've never had gooseberries. How fun!


There are two recipes. I've made both, I think. The buttermilk cake is light and not too sweet, but delicious.