Friday, July 10, 2009

7 Quick Takes


1. Good news to start with - the best sort of news! My blogging friend Melanie has a new baby, born yesterday morning.

2. Some more good news. The. Kitchen. Is. Finished. The fridge and washing machine were reinstalled yesterday morning. Everything is up and running. Bliss.

3. Two minutes after the kitchen fitter left yesterday morning, the gas repairman arrived. Until British Gas arrived to service the boiler last week, everything worked normally. After the service the heating came on and refused to go off (why does that happen in 80 degree weather, not in the winter?). A repairman came out, diagnosed a stuck valve, and ordered a new one. Yesterday's repairman fitted the valve (a ten minute job) ... and then found he couldn't relight the boiler. It took four hours, reinforcements from his supervisor, and a major overhaul of various things electrical to get it going again - proving, yet again, that given the age and decrepitude of our heating system a servicing contract is worth every penny!

4. I watched part of the final rehearsal for the girls' dance show last night. Two girls fell flat on their faces, the stage started to fall apart, lines were forgotten, small people didn't know where they were meant to be, larger people crashed into each other in the wings, quick costume changes weren't quick enough, and a couple of dances were a source of resigned despair to their teacher. It will all be alright on the night. We hope.

5. You know your daughter is growing up when you are part way round the supermarket before you realise you are wearing her shoes instead of your own.

6. A friend phoned to cancel a playdate for Cherub because her daughter wasn't well. Star took the call and passed on the message. I knew something had got scrambled when she told me little C had a "yawn infection". (And dim as I am, I didn't manage to work out that she meant a urine infection).

7. While I am on a botanical kick ... more bluebells. The British bluebell is on the left, the American bluebell on the right. You see - quite different. The British one is a more dainty, delicate flower. (Pictures from Wikimedia Commons)


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Faith said...

How pretty! British bluebells look more like bells.

Funny about the shoes. I've got an embarrassing one. You know you were still asleep when you get to the gym in the morning and look down to see you have a completely different sneaker on each foot!

Debbie said...

Excellent one about the shoes! Just wait until you realize that you would really like to borrow your daughter's clothes too. They look at you with a horrified expression and say, "These aren't MOM clothes!"

Genny said...

Stopping by from Jennifer's site. I have a daughter (10 years old) and that part about the shoes made me smile. We're not quite there yet, but I'm sure we will be before I know it. Time is flying.

Glad I stopped by!

This Heavenly Life said...

How funny about the yawn infection! I don't know that I would've understood it either - it probably would have been interpreted as children's silliness :)

Beautiful Bluebells!

Theresa said...

"decrepitude." Ha!! Great word!

Clare Marie-Therese Duroc said...

Came over from Conversion Diary... I loved your little snippet about the dance rehearsal. I know just how that goes! But if everything that can go wrong does go wrong on rehearsal night, at least you know that the performance can't be any worse, right? ;)