Friday, June 12, 2009

Corner View: Out Your Back Door or Window

I'm sure I won't get around to it every week, but I love this idea. Jane of Spain Daily hosts this meme where bloggers around the world post pictures of the view from their own little corner, sharing a common theme. This week's "back door view" theme makes for a nice easy start.

We have a modest sized town garden (or backyard as it would be called across the pond!), which is a grassed area on two levels, with a patio area in front of the living room. This is the view from the patio door, looking across past the dining room wall to the old and slightly rickety swing set that takes up most of the higher level.

This is the lower level looking down from the patio - toddler toys, a swingball set and washing line. Sadly, no flowers, due to my black thumbs and Tevye's tendency to assume anything that grows is a weed. There is a nice boundary hedge, though, which was already well established when we bought the house sixteen years ago.

Looking across the patio from the back door leading out of the dining room. A swing seat and a table and chairs fill up most of the space.

And for good measure, here are the views from the upstairs rear windows. Although it is part of a large housing estate (neighbourhood?) there is still a lot of greenery. This looks across from Cherub's window to a green space between the estate and the main road (which runs in front of the large trees in the background).

This view from Angel's window shows our back gate, more hedges, and trees in the green area running between ours and our neighbours' gardens and the next row of houses.

HT: Pamela. And do check out Jane's links for a fascinating world tour.


Pamela said...

So green, and houses of brick - so English! I'm so glad you're going to join Corner View; I must admit, I'm a little confused by next week's theme, street fashion?

The Bookworm said...

Me too. I think I may skip that one, or wait and see what others post. And my camera batteries died, so unless I remember to buy more I won't be taking any more photos for a while!

Melanie B said...

What fun to see your garden and window views! The yard is not very different from ours. Especially with all the toddler toys. It looks like it could belong to one of our neighbors. The neighboring houses as seen from the upstairs, though, look so very English.