Friday, June 12, 2009

7 Quick Takes


1. The new kitchen is fitted and in working order. Yes, I will be posting pictures, but not until it is finished. It still needs painting, and we are waiting for both the new flooring and new fridge to arrive. Probably another month before it is completely done.

2. I love, love, love my new oven. I love it even more than I hated my old one. The new one cooks so much better, and food comes out looking so good - beautifully browned, rather than scorched or underdone.

3. I adore three year olds. So much person in so little a body. So determinedly independent - "Let I do it!" - yet still so utterly dependent. So convinced that they know exactly how they (and everyone else!) should do things. So often betrayed by their limited knowledge and inability to foresee consequences. See below.

4. Cherub disaster of the week. She removed the plug from the bathroom sink and decided to clean down the plughole with her toothbrush. Let's just say that the brush was not a pretty sight and had to be thrown away. Poor Cherub was distraught, and not to be mollified by promises of a new toothbrush ... "but I want my own one!"

5. Angel (back from gym, proudly) ... "I did two upstarts on bars, and (even more proudly) I got my first proper blister". Too right, she did. That girl is made of sterner stuff than I am.

6. Star's turn for a quick take, with absentmindedness moment of the week ... her bedtime is 9pm and at 8.55pm she remembered she had homework that needed to be done for the next day. Tevye told her to skip her shower and do the homework in bed. I didn't hear this conversation, so wasn't surprised when she came into my bedroom to shower. I was surprised when she came out of the shower after running the water for all of two seconds ... turned out she only remembered she wasn't meant to be in the shower after she got her feet wet!

7. This Corner View idea from Spain Daily looks great fun. I think I am going to have to get my camera out and join in. HT: When Good People Get Together

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Pamela said...

"Let I do it" - I love it!! I'm having a lot of fun over at Corner View - looking forward to seeing more of your corner.

Karen E. said...

"I adore three year olds. So much person in so little a body"

Oh, yes! Perfect! I love that.