Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Book Review: Brown and Furry (Who Am I?)

Brown Fierce and Furry (What Am I) Brown and Furry
by Moira Butterfield

(Note: The book in the picture has the title What Am I?, but the one I have is called Who Am I? - not sure if these are different editions, or variations in the title between the US and the UK)

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a lovely non-fiction book about bears for pre-schoolers. The pictures are clean and clear, standing out from the white background, and focus on different parts of the bear - fur, paws, teeth, eye, nose and so on. The accompanying text describes what the bear sees, eats, smells and so on. Once the whole bear is revealed, the child is asked to point to the different parts she has seen. The book ends with a map showing where bears can be found, some questions to answer and some words to learn. One of an extensive series, unfortunately now out of print. Other titles are:

  • Strong and Stripy (tiger)
  • Bouncy and Big (kangaroo)
  • Big and Bulky (elephant)
  • Furry and Fluffy-Tailed (rabbit)
  • Graceful and Galloping (horse)
  • Long-Necked and Leggy (giraffe)
  • Scaly and Snappy (alligator)
  • Swift and Silent (owl)
  • Green and Croaky (frog)
  • Loud and Crowing (cockerel)
  • Black and White (panda)
  • Winged and Wild (eagle)
  • Colourful and Bright (parrot)

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