Monday, August 04, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook: August 4th

For Monday 4th August

Outside My Window
... an unexpectedly clear, bright morning.

I am thinking ... about whether we can go to the woods for a BBQ this afternoon. It depends on (1) whether we can get the tracking fixed on the car this morning, (2) if we can find time to buy food to take, and (3) the weather. Every forecast I looked at yesterday was different.

I am thankful for ... Tevye having a week off work so we can have some family time.

From the kitchen ... confusion. We have various things we would like to do this week that are weather dependent. Weather forecasts for the week vary wildly, but all involve rain at random intervals. As we don't know when we will be in or out, it is impossible to menu plan.

I am wearing ... mismatched pyjamas

I am creating ... a picture book wishlist at Amazon

I am going ... to help the girls put our tent up in the garden. For the benefit of American readers, I should point out that over here "garden" = "yard", not just somewhere you grow flowers or vegetables. If you are picturing a tent surrounded by beautiful summer flowers, don't. Our garden doesn't have flowers, as I have black thumbs and Tevye pulls out anything that grows on the assumption it is either dead or a weed. In our garden we have a hedge, grass, a paved patio, a swing set and a rotary washing line. And toddler toys. Not a flower in sight, except for daisies and clover in the grass.

I am reading ... Before the Journey eBook from A Little Garden Flower. I'm gleaning ideas on daily and seasonal rhythms for young children.

I am hoping ... it is not going to rain all week.

I am hearing ... the TV. Little Cherub is waiting, somewhat impatiently, for Fifi and the Flower Tots.

Around the house ... early morning inertia.

One of my favorite things ... family time.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... our annual trip to Wicksteed Park, which has become a family tradition. Trying to pick a dry day to go may be tricky.

Here is picture thought I am sharing ...

Wicksteed's eighty year old water chute, the UK's oldest working ride.

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Melanie B said...

Well Bella seems to think "garden" means blade of grass.