Monday, August 18, 2008

Big Sisters

... have an interesting effect on toddler vocabulary. Heard over the last couple of days:

" 'Nat's not fair!" (Aside: given that she can't pronounce "th", why does she say "dis" and "nat", and not "dis" and "dat" or "nis" and "nat"?)

"Oy!!!!" (when I interfered with something on her plate)

"I text Daddy" (when playing with her toy phone)

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Shani said...

Good Morning (here)!

Haven't visited in awhile, so thought I'd pop by to see what you all have been up to. Camping (we're heading out this afternoon to do that :), funny toddler moments (she is too cute!!), and botany, from what I can see. A fun end-of-summer, then! :)

Have a lovely week, Kathryn!
God Bless,