Friday, March 07, 2008

Mothering Style

Your type is: ENTP —The “Independence” Mother

“When I held my babies, I always faced them outward so they could take in the world.”

  • Full of energy and confident in her own self-sufficiency and competence, the ENTP mother encourages her children—as a role model and as a teacher—to be independent and confident on their own in the world.
  • A “big picture” person, she points out options and possibilities along the way. Objective and logical as well, the ENTP wants her children to evaluate their choices and learn from the consequences of their own decisions.
  • The ENTP mother is resourceful and action-oriented. She likes going places and doing things with her children, exploring all that life has to offer. She is less concerned with rules, routines, and schedules. Introducing her children to new concepts and activities, challenging them, and stimulating their intellectual development are top priorities.
I put my ability to be relaxed about throwing my children out the door (well OK, not quite literally!) and letting them get on with things down to my years at boarding school, but it seems I am just naturally made that way. Or is my personality a function of those years at boarding school? Now I'm confusing myself ...

You can find your mothering style here.

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