Saturday, April 28, 2007

We have been out and about

At least, Star and I have. On Thursday we went for a nature walk at a local country park, where Star took these photos of primroses

a solitary bluebell (there were more, but not in their full glory - I wonder whether we were too early, or whether this warm April has already seen them past their best)

and mallards asleep and awakeLittle Cherub came with us and found the fresh air exhausting, particularly after the weather caught us out and we got a little damp (you would think I would have learned by now not to be fooled by meteorological appearances).

Yesterday we went further afield and saw some more wildlife
.... made of Lego. We also saw Romeo and Juliet's balcony at Verona

Sacre Couer in Paris
and even made it as far as Houston. Being a Legoland model maker must be a great job ... and they really are masters of their art.

We also ate ice cream, rode the Jungle Coaster nine times (the advantage of going on a school day in April is that there are no queues!) and got rather more than a little damp - or should I say very wet indeed - on a water raft.


Willa said...

Nature Study and Lego tourism both! Who could ask for more? : ) My boys would love to go somewhere like that.

Romany said...

Yay! Looks like a pefect day out.

The bluebells are all over gardens here. They may last a little longer in the woods. I can't believe how early everything is this year.