Friday, April 06, 2007

Passover recipes

I have posted three favourite Passover recipes on my much-neglected Cookbook blog. During Passover Jews avoid all foods with raising agents, and because of the risk of natural fermentation flour is also normally avoided unless in the form of specially prepared matzah meal. Cakes and cookies therefore become something of a culinary challenge, and most Jewish families will have their own seasonal favourites - cinnamon balls and coconut pyramids are my Passover standbys.

Good Friday, being a day of fasting and abstinence, may not be the obvious time for posting recipes, but my excuse is that the third recipe makes a good light meal for a fast day - chremslach, or matzoh meal pancakes. They are simple and meatless, though I'm afraid my family tends to regard them as a treat, as I rarely make them other than during Passover.


Romany said...


We always have those at Passover too! We all love them. Our recipes are from a Feast of Seasons. The author says they are the traditional desserts for the UK Jewish community. It's nice to know you make them too!


Faith said...

I just made potato kugel for the first time in my life for this Passover. My mother in law usually makes it but she was feeling too ill.

My husband loves matzah brei (spelling may be off there). It is basically matzah, eggs and cinnamon sugar.