Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Homeschooling hiccups

Today didn't run quite as smoothly as yesterday.

Hiccup 1: I went to the library to collect Angel's World War I book, ordered on interlibrary loan. It had been returned to its own library as unclaimed. (We were away, remember.) Then the computer wouldn't let me re-reserve it as it claimed I already had it reserved. (Well yes, I did, you silly machine, but I still haven't got the book!)

Hiccup 2: Star had a meltdown when instructed to pay attention to the story of St.Augustine. I had a meltdown over Star's inattention to the story of St.Augustine. Little Cherub nearly had a meltdown, but mercifully went back to sleep.

Hiccup 3: Star tackled her Slime Laboratory science kit for the first time. Angel played with Little Cherub while I supervised Star. We made it as far as "take lid off poly-vinyl alcohol bottle and remove inner stopper". At that point I was briefly distracted. I turned round to find Star dripping, slimily (if that isn't a word, then it should be), with poly-vinyl alcohol ... hair, nose, clothes, eyelashes, the lot. The kitchen ceiling was also dripping. The kitchen floor was dripped upon. Apparently she squeezed the bottle hard while removing the stopper. Mercifully the goo was non-toxic and non-irritant. It was, however, sticky. Very sticky. Fortunately Tevye was working at home so we were able to tackle the disaster jointly - one person to clean up Star, one person to clean up the kitchen. We decided it might be better to leave the slime making attempt for another day. If I am ever brave enough!


Theresa said...

LOL! We all have those days! In fact, today is just one giant hiccup here. Which is why I am on the internet right now checking blogs rather than doing school!LOL!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have better luck than we did with the Eyweitness to History: World War I book...I ordered mine, it came, I looked through it and it looked great!! However, dd Maggie, hates it. She said, "It's boring and I can never remember anything I read in it afterwards." *Sigh* She does love the 20th Century Day by Day Encyclopedia but I am so disappointed that she has taken a dislike to the other book...That's our current history "hiccup." LOL!

God bless!

Jennifer in TX

The Bookworm said...

Ugh! I sympathise. At least your dd likes the 20th Century Day by Day book. My dd took a dislike to that - I think because she was intimidated by its size. Wonder if we will do better with Witness to History? At least it is smaller!