Saturday, September 02, 2006

Blackberry time

I love autumn. It is my favourite season - a preference I attribute (probably entirely illogically) to having an autumn birthday. One autumn treat for our whole family is blackberry picking. I'm not sure which we enjoy most ... the fruit gathering or eating the results. It may technically still be summer, but yesterday we ventured out on our first blackberrying expedition of the year. A country lane close to the farm where I grew up is a treasure trove, and this year looks like being a good one. After a short trip we came home with enough fruit to make two good sized blackberry crumbles.

Tevye, city boy that he is, has the mindset that food comes pre-packaged from supermarkets. Eating something picked from a hedge goes very much against the grain. We have managed to convert him. The combination of country walk and juicy dessert are just too tempting.

Little Cherub was intrigued - all those love fluttering leaves to watch - until she got just too comfy in her wrap and fell asleep. I love that wrap! Star helped Tevye, acting as quality control for their joint effort. Angel managed a good contribution to the pickings, but only after I suggested she put three blackberries in her box for each one she ate!

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Rebecca said...

OOH...I am envious! Blackberry pie is my very favorite. We make it each year for Michaelmas. Last autumn I planeted two blackberry bushes at the back of our property and, just this week, I have three small berries that are just beginning to turn dark. The squirrels might just get them before they ripen. Please pick and eat a handful for me, Kathryn!