Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First day

Our first school day went very well considering neither Angel nor Star were asleep when Tevye and I went to bed at 11pm last night - they went to bed at a respectable time, but both had one of those nights where they couldn't get to sleep (Star because she was excited about our upcoming holiday, Angel because she was hyped up after her first dance classes of the term). For once I had planned just the right amount of work, though tired children were not part of the plan!

We started the day with Mass and a trip to the library for books, drinks and biscuits. We were home soon after eleven and started work. We looked at our "fridge board" and read through the Bible verse and catechism questions on the fruits of the Spirit. Angel copied the verse and the first catechism question while I read the story of St.Nicholas to Star from Beggars, Beasts and Easter Fire. Star, in overtired mode, had the concentration of a gnat, but we made it to the end with at least something percolating into her brain. She then started writing about St.Nicholas while Angel played an online geography game and then looked at her Maths 2XL CD-Rom with me. She was rather taken with the teacher's Australian accent and pronounced it much better than the maths she had done before. How long will this positive mood last, I wonder?

After lunch and a break Star went upstairs to read while Angel set up a French notebook and looked through her new French book with me. With Star still reading we skimmed through the first Unit of Angel's Artistic Pursuits book. She then drew a picture of a girl using a photgraph on a book cover as a visual reference (see! we learnt a technical term!) while Star set up her Latin notebook and finished her page on St.Nicholas. All boxes ticked. (I do love my check lists!) Nothing too onerous, but it felt as though we had achieved something and switched into school mode. Little Cherub nursed, slept in her sling, spat milk over her sling, batted happily at her baby gym, and flipped herself from front to back. We finished in plenty of time to have a snack before taking Angel to her dance school to help with the "baby ballet" class.


Kristin said...

So glad to hear that your first day went smoothly --- Hooray! I hope you enjoy the rest of your first week and your upcoming vacation!

Theresa said...

Sounds like a great first day! Don't you love it when you plan just the right amount of work for a day! Doesn't happen often enough around here!

Karen E. said...

Sounds like a lovely first day! We had a good one yesterday, too.

Mary Ann said...

We had a good first day, too. I was worried about too much work, but it was okay. Today was salt dough relief map day. A fav for ds, and the toddler played nicely with the dough, too!