Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Star's debut!

Star played in her first ever brass band concert at the weekend. The junior band made a guest appearance as part of a programme the senior band played at the local theatre. She was so much the smallest band member the announcer had to ask her to stand up so that people could see her ... when seated the only visible bits were two small feet dangling a couple of inches above the floor and the top of her instrument above the music stand. Angel also performed as a member of both the senior and junior bands, taking on the role of solo cornet with the juniors for the first time - scary because is meant sitting in the most prominent position and carrying the tune. Mum, Dad and Grandma were very proud members of the audience!

On Sunday the senior band had their annual photograph taken. Angel is the small, dark haired girl sitting on the grass. Poor Angel is very unimpressed with her uniform jacket, which is at least six inches too wide - but it was the smallest they could find!

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