Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm a Motivated Mom!

Thanks to recommendations on the 4 Real Learning board I discovered the Motivated Moms Planner. I have tried Fly Lady before - more than once - but with little or no success. I either drowned under an influx of reminders, found myself one, two, three or more rooms behind, or forgot my shoes. Motivated Moms I can do! Even with a three week old baby.

If you sign up for the Planner you get a downloadable file with fifty two weekly checklists. On one side are daily tasks ranging from "make beds" and "do laundry" to "exercise" and "read to children". On the other side are short lists of jobs for each day. You do what you can and don't worry about what you can't - it will all come round again soon enough. Today's list was:
* Change dishcloth/towel (check!)
* Mop kitchen (check! I even gave the floor the most thorough clean it had received in months)
* Dust family/living room (didn't get to that one)
* Change hand towels in bathrooms (check!)
* Clean up computer hard drive (not needed as computer is still nearly new)
* Clean out vehicle (also not needed as new car has not yet had time to accumulate clutter)

Now that to me is a realistic list. Maybe I will not manage everything, but I can at least manage a fair chunk of it. It will also be easy to delegate tasks from both lists to the children. And best of all, I can use the planner without feeling behind and getting discouraged.


Natalia said...

Welcome to the MM club! I have been so diligent in following my planer that I am scared. :-) Hopefully I am creating a habit for when school starts.


The Bookworm said...

Natalia, I think it may have been you who recommended MM. If so, a very big thank you!

Faith said...

Oh Kathryn, this gives me hope. I am a multiple Flylady drop out! But I love the daily checklist plus the very simple daily chores already listed out. It really does look doable.

Thanks. I am amazed you are washing the floor??!!! Didn't you have a C-section? Goodness, I was a mess for 6 weeks after mine. Don't overdo things, dear.



Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

Trying again without the typos;-).

You mopped the floor at three weeks postpartum after an emergency c-section?? I'm not sure whether to applaud or to click my tongue and shake my head;-). Please tell me you took a long nap afterwards...BTW, I'm loving MM after that thread, too.