Monday, January 06, 2014

This Week: 6th January 2014

The weather ... awful. Wet, windy, stormy weather which has been a feature for the past month. There are days of cooler, calmer respite, but then the nasty grey, unsettled stuff comes back. It is unseasonably warm (15deg C / 50deg F today) but feels much colder because of the wind and rain.

I am wearing ... new dark skinny jeans and a new long red, v-neck sweater, both bargains in the Next online sale, with stripy hand knitted socks and a cream, blue and reddish-pink snood.

I am reading ... The Politics of Washing: Real Life in Venice by Polly Coles, about a year spent in her husband's city with their four English-bred children. Interesting. This is one of a number of 12 Days of Christmas sale purchases for my Kindle.

I am creating ... gloves for myself, knitted in Sirdar Snuggly 4-ply (fingering). They are knitting up into a soft, almost suede like fabric and I think will be wonderful to wear. Gloves are fiddly though. Too many fingers!

I am listening ... to Malcolm Arnold's English Dances from this CD (though I am listening through Spotify). Another classical music find from my car buddy (who probably needs a blog name, but I can't think of one).

I am watching ... so far I am not, but people keep telling me I should be watching Sherlock. Think I am going to have to give it a try.

I am enjoying ... a slightly more relaxed atmosphere at work as the dust settles from the dreadful reshuffle. Still a way to go, but at least thing now seem to be getting better rather than worse.

From the learning rooms ... Rose went back to school today; Marie goes back tomorrow, and is waiting with some trepidation for the results of her GCSE mock exams (practice run at GCSEs) on Friday.

On the menu ...
Monday: chips, seasoned sole fillets, sweetcorn
Tuesday: baked white fish, roast veggies
Wednesday: chicken stir fry
Thursday: pasta with red pepper and almond pesto and creme fraiche
Friday: breaded cod with mushrooms and sweet potato
Saturday: baked potatoes with vegetarian chilli (or baked beans for those who don't like chilli)
Sunday: roast chicken

On the calendar ...
Monday: gym induction session to go through goals, get weighed and measured and so on
Tuesday: another gym induction session to be given an exercise regime
Wednesday: back to brass band after the Christmas / New Year break
Saturday: a gold-themed cocktail evening with our neighbours. We all wanted to sample cinnamon-flavoured vodka with gold leaf flakes we found in Costco and have kind of run with the theme
Sunday: Tevye and I are going out to Nandos (a Portugese restaurant chain which specialises in chicken) with Car Buddy and his wife.

A picture from last week ... I love this picture that Marie took of herself and Rose on Christmas Eve

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