Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The weather ... finally more normal winter weather, colder and less stormy, with some frosty mornings. Still raining off and on though.

I am wearing ... fleecy winter pyjamas that say "I Love My Bed". How true!

I am reading ... still The Politics of Washing: Real Life in Venice by Polly Coles. I have stalled on reading over the last week. Must get started again.

I am creating ... gloves. First glove completed, second glove started.

I am listening ... to a Coldplay playlist I found on Spotify.

I am watching ... Sherlock! One third of the way through the first episode of the current series. I'm enjoying it and would have watched to the end, but iPlayer kept crashing on me and I got frustrated and gave up. I will try to watch the rest tonight.

I am enjoying ... going to the gym. My exercise routine is a mix of interval training on an adaptive motion trainer (kind of a cross between a stepper and a cross-trainer) and the rowing machine, and resistance work with weights.

From the learning rooms ... Marie was very happy with her exam results (three A*s, three As and two Bs), which should be more than enough for her to get offered a place at the school she wants to go to. It also makes her target of getting all As and A*s in her exams in May and June look achievable.

On the menu ...
Monday: everyone else had fish or beanburgers with potato rosti and sweetcorn. I made my own dinner later after I got back from the gym and had pan fried cod with parsley and white wine, green beans, sauteed cabbage and a poached egg.
Tuesday: chicken steaks and chips
Wednesday: pasta with tomato and chilli sauce and meatballs
Thursday: baked chicken breasts with braised root veggies
Friday: vegetarian chilli (never got round to making it last week
Saturday: baked potatoes and cauliflower cheese
Sunday: Marie, Rose and I will be out - not sure what Tevye and Helen will eat!

On the calendar ...
Not so much this week. I am planning to go out for pizza with a friend on Friday, then on Sunday I am taking Marie and Rose to Stratford to see the Royal Shakespeare Company version of Peter Pan. Really looking forward to that!

A picture from last week ... one of the golden cocktails from Saturday night (which was a lot of fun!)

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Missus Wookie said...

Congrats to Marie - yeah for good results :) Definitely is colder here.