Sunday, August 07, 2011


... is buying not just one Rainbow Fairy book for Cherub, not just one set of seven, but forty two of the things.

The Book People are selling the entire collection for £20, and given Cherub's prediliction for fairies and fairy books I succumbed. Now I am stuck reading them to her - hopefully she will be reading them to herself well before book forty two! Not that they are terrible books, just easy readers with rather limited vocabulary and plot. I remember Star loving them at around six, but at that time there was just the original Rainbow Fairies set of seven books.
Since then they have multiplied, with Jewel Fairies, Weather Fairies, and all sorts of other fairies. Can I stand the suspense of having to wait until tomorrow to find out how the rainbow fairies get colour back to fairyland after being banished by Jack Frost? Somehow I think I just might!

Another fairy book new to our collection is The Dolls House Fairy by Jane Ray, one of my favourite picture book illustrators. I love her chirpy, crisp eating fairy Thistle, and a Dad who is prepared to believe in fairies. Very high up on Cherub's favourite books list, this one.


Pamela said...

Your reference to limited vocabulary reminds me of a hilarious segement on one of my Gervase Phinn's audio CDs when he talks about one of the selections in a book he read as a child. "Come, Sally, come. Come, Sally, come. Come, Sally, come", etc...

Linds said...

Do I need to invest in these for Missy, I wonder.... it has been a while since I looked at the Book People. Hmmm. I suspect I will be hauling out the trusty old card soon!

I am so glad the cake was a hit - I have made 3 so far and they have disappeared fast. In fact, one friend popped in yesterday and was quite disappointed I had not made a new one!

Missus Wookie said...

ahhhh 47 fairy books, there were about that of Magic Treehouse books too I think. Repetition and familiarity with adventure :)

There is a garbage/black bag about half full of books on our landing which Princess has decided she's outgrown.