Monday, August 15, 2011

Facebook Snippets

Some Facebook status updates from July and August, for the benefit of those of you not on Facebook and for my online archiving:

  • Snippets of my morning ... "Look! I drew a centipede with its makeup" ... "Don't put the bag on the dead moth!" ... "I wish I hadn't let Star use my toothbrush, it's all icky now" ... "I'd feel safer if you put your unicorn down while we are in the car".
  • Now I know why we got a large screen computer. It was so that one daughter can watch CBeebies on one side of the screen while another uses Facebook on the other.
  • Girls playing a game which starts "Repeat after me: I went to the graveyard ...". Cherub's variation, "I went to the gravy farm ..."
  • Went to IKEA this morning with Cherub, who wanted to go on the "skater thingies". Skater thingies? Turned out to be escalators.
  • Have discovered predictive text thinks marmite and nutella should be marmots and nigella.
  • Now knows how to get an entire cup of chocolate milk out of a carpet. White vinegar, hot water and bicarbonate of soda.
  • Woken up at twenty past five this morning by Cherub complaining that Star kept pushing her out of bed. Pointed out that if she had stayed in her own bed in the first place this would not be a problem! Beginning to fantasise about how wonderful it would be to have an undisturbed night and sleep until I woke naturally in the morning.
  • Did not pick the best day for a BBQ at Wendover Woods. At least the torrential rain has stopped, and the emergency gazebo we bought for £13.50 at Argos on the way here helped (despite being missing a couple of bits). If I stand by the BBQ for long enough, will my jeans dry?
  • Cannot believe that I have got home freezing cold and sopping wet from Wendover to find that here (15 or so miles away?) it is a lovely sunny afternoon with not a drop of rain in sight and several degrees warmer. What????
  • According to Cherub "Mummies don't play, Mummies work and knit and shop"!
  • Last night's absent minded parenting fail - told Cherub "go and do your Facebook" when I meant "go and do your teeth". Oops!
  • Have just identified strange burning smell in the bathroom as fried moth. Seems it got a little too close to the light.
  • Revenge of the moths - was relaxing peacefully in bed yesterday when a giant moth dive bombed my iPad and then thwacked me on the head. Not my fault his friend / relative came to a sizzling end.

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