Wednesday, March 02, 2011

London Aquarium

A few pictures from our trip to the London Aquarium on Monday. Cherub and Little Friend N had a great time, especially so because they had each other to share the fun with:

I didn't take the camera, so experimented with taking pictures on my new-to-me phone. It doesn't handle movement at all because of the long shutter delay, but works well enough as a back up for those days when I either forget my camera or don't want to have to carry it.

The highlight for the littles were the rays, particularly the large ones that swam over us in the walk through tunnel - couldn't get a picture of them, or the big turtles, as they were on the move. 

This fish was ugly in a beautiful sort of way ... or beautiful in an ugly way? 

I liked the effect of this starfish climbing up the glass.

The lighting effects in the jelly fish tank had them changing colour. I managed to get a nice picture of them in the pink phase.


PixieMum said...

One of the pictures of a pink coloured fish reminded me of pink yarn that has been dyed in various hues.

Bit silly, but some one may know what I mean.

Best wishes, PixieMum

Linds said...

The phone worked just fine! I love the photo of the starfish and the one of the jellyfish reminded me of back in SA in my youth!Jellyfish were not pleasant to encounter when at the beach.

Missus Wookie said...

Cool photos - glad you caught the jellyfish in the pink phase for Cherub :)

A camera is the one thing I wish my iPod touch had, it might tempt me to an iPhone.

Do love the London Aquarium wandering deeper and deeper.

We must meet up sometime you are down this way.