Friday, March 04, 2011

3 Quick Takes: 4th March 2011

I am under par this week - struggling through a combination of a bruised back and a mild stomach bug - and can't summon up seven thoughts. Three will have to do.

1. My link of the week ... the high church of Chiatura in Georgia. Eek! Eek, eek, EEK! As someone who is not keen on heights, I feel dizzy just looking at the picture. (HT: The Hermeneutic of Continuity).

2. I have been looking at archives of electronic records this week. Did you know that the internet is archived? Type in a URL and the Wayback Machine will show you what the site looked like at various points in the past.  For the UK, selected web sites are saved at the UK Web Archive maintained by the British Library. You can search by title, or explore a number of special collections.

3. As I put Cherub to bed the other night she was contemplating ordinal numbers. She told me her birthday is third (after Angel and Tevye), then counted "first, second, third, fourth, fifth ... [pause to consider] ... but I don't know where 'last' comes!" Tricky concept that. First relates to a number, so why not last?

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Anonymous said...

I know a 4 year old who can count to a milion! "One, two, three, four, five, a million." Works for me!