Friday, October 23, 2009

7 Quick Takes

1. Almost all my blogging lately seems to be part of one these Mr Linky memes: Simple Woman's Daybook, Corner View and these Quick Takes. Partly because they provide me with a kind of bloggy discipline of the "it's Monday, so I need to write my daybook" variety; partly because I'm short of ideas, and find it difficult to come up with more than seven thoughts in a week! I want to get back to posting more book reviews. Other than that, are there any types of post or topics that you, dear readers, would like to see more of?

2. Over the past eighteen months or so I have almost totally fallen off my ethical shopping and eating LOAF plan (local, organic, animal friendly and fairtrade). And to think that two years ago I was doing so well. Two books I read while we were away have spurred me to try to get back on the wagon - Confessions of an Eco-Shopper by Kate Lock, and Spotted Pigs and Green Tomatoes: a Year in the Life of Our Farm by Rosie Boycott. Both were random library finds, but turned out to have connected content. This week I ordered an organic vegetable box for the first time in a year. Small steps.

3. LOAFER or not, there is one eco-thing I despise with a passion. Energy-saving light bulbs. Hate 'em. I like bright light, and the wretched eco-bulbs we have are slow to warm up and don't match the light output of the old (now banned) 100w bulbs. I'm considering trying out a couple of these Ecozone Biobulbs in the lights that bug me most, but the thought of spending £10 on a single light bulb is not a happy one.

4. As the mother of three gymnastics-loving girls it was wonderful to see two British gymnasts win medals at the World Championships in London. Beth Tweddle's tumbling in her gold medal floor routine was superb. Watch it here.

5. We used to laugh at Angel and Star using instant messenger to communicate with A- and J-Next-Door on instant messenger. Now Tevye and I find ourselves chatting to A- and K-Next-Door on Facebook. Oops.

6. Cherubism of the week: one morning she was a little constipated and I explained that she hadn't been drinking enough or eating enough fruit. How many drinks and how many fruits did she need, she wanted to know. Five, I said, randomly, and thought no more about it. That evening on the way to her bath and before bed toilet trip she turned back, wanting a drink. As I gave it to her she wanted to know if she had had her five drinks for the day. Almost, I thought. She carefully counted five sips of water, then announced triumphantly "I will poo easily now!"

7. Definitive proof of my horticultural inadequacy: I caught myself looking at a bunch of artificial flowers and wondering why they were not dead yet.

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Missus Wookie said...

lol at the flowers comment and at the five sips... life is hard!

Dorothy said...

I'd happily read a book of cherubisms!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

We love gymnastics, too! I am earmarking that YouTube link for later perusal.

Happy weekend!

Theresa said...

6 and 7 LOL!!!
Good for you on getting back to your LOAF program! I am woefully inadequate in that area. I don't think I can afford to eat organic until I have a garden again!
And local? Unless I want to live off mangoes and coconuts that's just not happening!LOL! Barbara Kingsolver talked about how hard it was to give up bananas in order to eat locally, but that would not be the case here--they'd be a staple!

Melanie B said...

#3 I so agree. I hate them with a passion.

#6 similar Bella-ism. She'll be having a hard time on the toilet and proclaim: "I need to eat some fruit." Then she'll go get grapes or an apple or something and go right back to the toilet. Sometimes I wish it did work so fast.

Chelsea said...

Hahah! Number 7 is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Lol children are so funny.

As for the light bulbs we recently got one from Sainsburys that is SO bright in our hallway. We were shocked because it was an eco-bulb too. It comes on instantly and you need sunglasses!!