Friday, October 02, 2009

7 Quick Takes

1. First, a question. If you could visit anywhere you wanted in England, where would you choose to go? A dear friend is coming over from the US next year, and Tevye is going to hold the fort here for a few days while we take a road trip. We have ideas, but what would be your "don't miss" destination? 

2. For some reason I can't manage to do my seven takes in the right order, starting at one and working down to seven. I have to zap them in randomly. One take may look like a Number 4, another a Number 7. There is, so far as I can see, no logic to this. Today I have ended up with a gap at Number 2. I'm sure I had seven thoughts when I started, but I seem to have lost one ... and the only replacement thought I can find is to wonder what this inability to write consecutive points says about me.

3. Angel glanced up at a cosmetics advert on TV and announced that the model's flawless complexion was "so fake!" She has been playing with Photoshop recently and has discovered just how easy it is to airbrush blemishes, lengthen eyelashes, camouflage bulges and so on. I don't think I need to worry that she might get any ideas that real girls should look like models.

4. Yesterday's little piece of drama ... I parked up at the library, glanced at the back of the car and noticed a flat tyre. I hate it when things like that happen. But I have to admit, if I was going to get a flat, I couldn't have timed it better. I was less than five minutes away from the tyre place we usually use, Tevye was home and met me there, and Angel was there to watch Cherub. In less than an hour the tyre was fixed and we were home. Phew!

5. This morning Cherub informed K-next-door that she has spare underwear in the bag she takes to playgroup "in case she wants to wear a different colour". K suggested that maybe it was in case of accidents, but Cherub was adamant that this was bunkum and it was all a matter of sartorial choice. After all, a girl never knows when she might feel the need to wear pink pants with a bow instead of green ones with a picture of Upsy-Daisy. It's best to be prepared.

6. Google and You Tube have led me into a frenzy of discovering new knitting techniques in the last few weeks ... continental style vs. British, russian joins, magic loops, two sleeves on one circular needle. I'll be standing on my head knitting with my feet next. I wonder if they have that one on You Tube?

7. My Friday morning was brightened by discovering a beautiful new (to me) blog at Attic24. All this gorgeous, colourful crochet is enough to distract me from knitting. Almost.

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Pamela said...

The Cotswolds would get my vote. Some of the names of the villages are unforgettable - like Upper and Lower Slaughter!

S/V Mari Hal-O-Jen said...

I liked Harrogate and Bath a ton. The warmth of the Isle of Wight was lovely after a bout of rainy weather...

Linds said...

Ah - Attic 24 is one of my favourites,and I can't crochet! Yet.....
I may have to hunt her down and ask for lessons!

I agree with the Cotswolds, (you can add in the canals too) and Cambridge. Bath is wonderful. I can see a lovely loop there which will take a few days - start at Cambridge, then pass my house, and head for the Cotswolds, and then Bath, and Windsor. This is assuming one is starting from London, of course!

PS: I think red is perfect. Just not on me! I am doing the colour thing slowly. I may yet work up to red! Onward and upward.

Fe said...

The Lakes District:-) That's top of my list, probably with Bath a close second. Oh, and Cornwall—but if I dared call that England, my grandfather would turn in his grave:-)!

Karen E. said...

I would be happy just to sit in your house and marvel at the fact that I was in England. :) Really, it would all be so amazing to me that I'd just gaze stupidly at everything. But, I'll ask Atticus for a more intelligent answer.

Isn't it lovely when we know that we're teaching our girls how fake advertisements are, rather than worrying that they're trying to live them out?

I REALLY hate those flat tire moments, too, but like you, I so often find a little bit of grace attached, things to be thankful for, and the realization that it could have been much, much worse.

And, finally, I am SUCH A FAILURE at knitting. I still can't do anything beyond scarves and little blankets and tube socks, mainly because I have no patience for figuring out patterns and then putting them into practice. Sigh. Maybe this winter will be my turning point.

Elizabeth said...

When I 1st came to visit my DH, then boyfriend, here in England I had a mile long list of places I wanted to visit! My favourites are: Lake District (I was a Wordsworth fan!), New Forest (Children of the New Forest), Cornwall, Welsh coast, Bath (Jane Austen), Devon coast, anyplace in Dorset. But I would ask your friend if there was anyplace she'd like--it'll let you plan things. it's very hard when people can't suggest something. You have no idea if you are hitting the mark or not! Even if she says 'London', ask her to specify!

I'd ask what landmarks, cities or stories she would like to explore. And if she says Stonehenge--take her to Avebury instead--a zillion times better!

Oxford is worth a miss--basically a small town, but a large college campus!

margaret said...

Advice on the best places in England from a Scotswoman ;) I would say York, if it isn't too far north, the mediaeval streets are fascinating. And if you can get to York you can get to Durham and its atmospheric Norman cathedral, the Venerable Bede and St Cuthbert were both buried there is a very pure, holy feeling about it. Also the north Devon coast and Cambridge (crowded in term time though).

And that crochet link is mouthwatering. Luckily I can't knit!

Anonymous said...

I would definitely recommend Oxford!