Saturday, August 01, 2009

A Little Puzzle For You

Can you guess what common item is measured in units based on the length of a grain of barley?

This is true in both the UK and the US.

Do not Google!

Answer to be posted on Monday.


LeeAnn said...

A sheaf of paper?

Debbie said...

You don't realize how HARD it is not to Google this one....aaarrrghhh!!!!

LeeAnn's answer is probably right, but I'll give it a shot.

It must be pretty tiny to be based on a grain of barley...a little bit of something...

Is it a bit (byte)?

Clare said...

Hmm. No clue. I'm thinking about something related to beer perhaps.
DH is foxed too.

Thank you for visiting my blog with some encouragement! I very much appreciate your prayers. I LOVE St Francis De Sales and was delighted to read the lovely prayer that you passed on. Definitely one to print out and keep.

Reading over your blog, I've just made the connection that I have heard of you from Elizabeth. I have blogged about my affection for/fascination with Judaism. That was a significant key that helped Catholicism to make sense to me( all the liturgical/sacramental bells and smells that I had formerly scoffed at, suddenly fell into place in the light of Jewishness)
I am looking forward to re reading your posts about celebrating the Jewish feasts.

Thanks again for taking the time to pay me a 'visit'!

Elizabeth@Frabjous Days said...


Also resisting the urge to google...

Debbie said...

I didn't Google. I promise.

But you didn't say we couldn't ask husbands.

My dh says, "inch."

He's a veritable walking talking Google.