Sunday, May 31, 2009

Angel's New Year

For the first time Angel's school are moving her cohort up from Year 9 to Year 10 for the last half term (seven weeks) of the academic year so that they can start their GCSE courses early. The current Year 11 are on study leave and sitting their GCSE exams, so the teaching timetable is free enough to switch over the Year 9 courses at this stage.

In my quest to bore you all with trivia satisfy your curiosity about the UK school system, I'm copying out her new rolling two week timetable. Mondays and Thursdays are given over to compulsory ("core") subjects, and Tuesdays and Fridays to her chosen options plus PSR (Personal, Social and Religious Education); Wednesdays are a mix of both. Angel is taking GCSE in physical education, but also has to take the compulsory core classes, so PE crops up in both sections.

Week 1

Monday - Maths, Biology, English, Chemistry, PE (Core)
Tuesday - PE (GCSE), Graphics (= graphic and product design), ICT (= Information and Communication Technology), PSR, Health and Social Care
Wednesday - Health and Social Care, PSR, PE (GCSE), English, Maths
Thursday - English, PE (Core), Physics, Maths, Biology
Friday - Health and Social Care, PSR, ICT, Graphics, PE (GCSE)

Week 2

Monday - Chemistry, Maths, PE (Core), English, Physics
Tuesday - ICT, PE (GCSE), Graphics, Health and Social Care, PSR
Wednesday - English, Maths, Graphics, Physics, ICT
Thursday - English, Chemistry, PE (Core), Biology, Maths
Friday - PSR, Health and Social Care, ICT, PE (GCSE), Graphics

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