Friday, May 15, 2009

7 Quick Takes


1. Tevye wants to know how it is that I can recite, from memory and in order, the entire shopping list I wrote hours ago, yet not remember something he said two minutes earlier.

2. Cherub is now dry at night ... around 70% of the time. The remaining 30% means that the battle of self vs. laundry is no longer equally balanced. If you don't hear from me, look under a pile of wet washing.

3. To try to keep the laundry under control we have started getting Cherub up for a quick bathroom trip before we go to bed. Last night she snuggled sleepily into my shoulder and said "I lub you, Mummy". Makes all the wet beds worthwhile. Then she sat on the toilet and asked if she could have a wheelbarrow for her birthday. (Yes, getting her up is helping, but sometimes it just postpones the inevitable. And yes, she can have a wheelbarrow for her birthday.)

4. Cherub has just hit the stage of enjoying audiobooks in the car. Right now we are listening to a Large Family collection, Handa's Surprise, and this gorgeous Beatrix Potter set I bought from the Book People when Cherub was tiny and had been waiting for her to grow into. Angel used to love listening to books in the car so much that we once asked for the CD in a new car to be replaced with a cassette player (at that time almost all the audiobooks in the library were on tape). Star was never as interested, probably because she is not at all an auditory learner.

5. The world divides into two types of people: those who can happily pay ridiculously small amounts with a credit or debit card, and those who can't. Tevye is in the former category and I am in the latter. Yesterday I was horrified to find a receipt for a 39 pence tube of tomato puree paid for with a credit card.

6. Angel's schedule for this week: Monday, 2 1/2 hours gym; Tuesday, 2 1/4 hours ballet; Wednesday, 1 hour ballet followed by 1 1/4 hours modern dance; Thursday, 2 1/2 hours gym; Friday, 3/4 hour gym; Saturday, 2 hours assisting with preschool gym classes; Sunday afternoon, gym competition. That is on top of a full school day and homework. How does she do it?

7. I changed my blog template. If you read through Google Reader, click over and take a peek.

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Missus Wookie said...

Ooh Princess would covet Cherub's Beatrix Potter set as she wants it.

New blog template is cute and I like the library shelves :)

Melanie B said...

I clicked over yesterday, noticed you'd changed the template and meant to comment and then closed the window without doing so. But I do like it very much. That banner photo is so lovely. Tangly woods and sweet blue flowers, there's just something about it that makes my heart glad.