Monday, June 02, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

I have seen this in a few places and have been meaning to join in. This is the first Monday I remembered. Check out The Simple Woman for links to other Daybooks and instructions if you want to add your own.

For Monday 2nd June

Outside My Window ... my washing is hanging on the line under a very grey, cloudy sky. I'm hoping it will be able to stay there long enough to dry.

I am thinking ... how tempted I am to take a nap, after several nights in a row of Little Cherub waking more than usual and an early start this morning as she was wide awake at 5.45.

I am thankful for ... time to sit with my feet up and blog while Little Cherub naps.

From the kitchen ... a tap dripping slowly into a sink full of water and bleaching cloths. Monday is kitchen cleaning day. The bleach has overridden the smell of yesterday's fresh baked bread. (I'm on an experimental bread making kick.)

I am wearing ... Jeans and a green sweater. A winter sweater. The weather is cool as well as grey and I draw the line at turning on the heating in June.

I am creating ... a summer cardigan and a blue kangaroo for Little Cherub, but I am regretting using cheap acrylic yarn for both and plan to pull them out and start again with something nicer.

I am going ... out tonight to celebrate my neighbour's birthday. Our family and his - four adults and six kids altogether. We are going to a pub by the canal that does carvery meals for £3.50 per person - meat and as many vegetables as you can pile on your plate.

I am reading ... Becoming Jane Austen by Jon Spence. Except I have got stuck about one-third of the way through.

I am hoping ... I won't fall asleep in my dinner.

I am hearing ... that dripping tap. Wait one minute while I go and stop it before it drives me nuts ... oh blah! It wasn't the tap. It was the overfilled sink dripping through the non-functioning knob that is supposed to operate the plug. Fortunately it must have done the same thing before as there was already a tub in the (broken, unused) cupboard underneath to catch the drips ... I am now hearing beautiful silence.

Around the house ... wet washing. It started to rain and I just had to go on a rescue mission. After our last tumble dryer died we decided we could live without one, so now the washing is spread around various (cold) radiators, the banisters, a drying rack in our bedroom and the (very small) airing cupboard.

One of my favorite things ... nap time when everyone else is out and it is blissfully quiet.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... not many. I may take Little Cherub to the zoo on Thursday as I have a season ticket and want to make as much use of it as possible. It will depend on the weather though. Whipsnade Zoo is very exposed, so if it is hot we fry and if it rains it is truly bleak. Then on Sunday we celebrate Cherub's second birthday. Two years already!

Here is picture thought I am sharing ...


Ganeida said...

I enjoyed reading about your day. :) It is wet here too & the washing machine got fritzed in the last power failure so I am going down for the third time under the piles of washing. On can only hand wash so much.

Tanya said...

I followed your blog from Simple Woman's page, and I enjoyed reading about your day too! I smiled as I pictured your laundry spread out around the house...I've done that before when our drier died. :) God bless.

Jennifer said...

The hedge in the photo looks like it is blooming. Do you know what it is? Your cool rainy day looks so refreshing to me here - it's sweltering!!!

Anonymous said...

G'Morning, Kathryn~

Glad to see you participating in The Simple Woman's Daybook! I too just began taking part yesterday. It's such a peaceful post to write, isn't it?

I will agree with your previous commentor: your picture looks refreshing and lovely; it hit 105 here yesterday. I can't wait until we leave the desert for the four seasons again!

Have a wonderful week, and hopefully you can make it to the zoo~

God Bless,
Shani (CelticMom @ HSB)