Thursday, February 15, 2007

More progress

Filled - one skip (and I mean filled!)
Packed - fourteen boxes of books (so far)
Emptied - one loft, one garage and one shed
Taken to the dump - one boot load of files and papers (ran out of space in skip)
Strangest find - three sets of false teeth in loft (left by previous occupant. Why?)
Best use of children - loft monkeys. Much easier than climbing up there oneself.

Only eight days to go!


Jennifer in TX said...

Just wanted you to know that you and yours are in my prayers during this busy and I'm sure stressful time. God bless you!

Romany said...

You are doing great, Kathryn!!!!

Love the new picture in the sidebar too.


Faith said...

I know what a boot is (the car's trunk, right?) but what is a skip? I am glad you filled one though. Keep on keepin' on! I'll keep you in my prayers.



The Bookworm said...

Faith, I think a skip is a dumpster? Whatever, it was a large thing and we dumped a lot of junk in it. And yes, a boot is a trunk.