Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Caspar, Melchior ... but where is Balthazar?

Yesterday was the day for putting up our Christmas tree and Nativity set. For the first time Angel and Star decorated the tree by themselves, while I supervised with my feet up on the sofa (mostly). They did a good job, with only one minor outbreak of frustration when Star couldn't quite reach to get the star on the top. Star then moved on to setting out the Nativity scene. We started family life with squishy plastic figures from the Early Learning Centre. Not elegant, but toddler friendly. This set survived several years intact, apart from the sad disappearance of one of the three kings. The kings are important here, as we have them journey through the house from Christmas Day onwards, arriving at the stable on Epiphany. After a couple of years with only two magi, and with Star no longer a toddler, we upgraded to a Playmobil Nativity set. After some time sorting out figures, animals and extras, Star announces "Mum, there are only two kings". Not again! Not to worry, the absent king must surely be in the box with our other Playmobil people. We check the box. No king, though he has apparently left his cloak there. It looks as though the best we can do is to disguise a wizard as Balthazar. I'm determined to have the full complement of magi making their journey this year!