Friday, May 10, 2013

7 Quick Takes: 10 May 2013

1. I have the most fascinating and varied job imaginable! A quick summary of my working day: researching a 19th century murder; tracking down a grant of land from 1334 and checking the text for the context of a particular Latin phrase; providing someone with a copy of the 19th century trust deed for his church; giving a talk with my job share partner about our cataloguing project; cataloguing documents about thefts of potatoes, a smock and a coat; and helping to identify a specific 15th century manor court roll sewn into a bundle with a pile of others.

2. My office is by the side of a river. Since the weather has improved over the past couple of weeks the river has come to life - pairs of swans, ducks, a heron, and a lot of rowers (hard working eights, not pleasure boats!).

3. A couple of friends have posted links on Facebook to this French project to build a castle using only thirteenth century tools and techniques. More about it on the BBC website here. I would love to see this, but can't see any prospect of getting to Burgundy in the near future.

4. I have come to the conclusion that part of the reason we have too much stuff is that we have lived in this house too long. If we had needed to move it would have forced us to have a proper clear out. As it is we have spent twenty years accumulating clutter without ever confronting it. Unfortunately I have a conclusion, but no solution.

5. Marie is going through a healthy lifestyle stage, and is trying to both eat well and exercise regularly. She has inspired me to want to get back to exercising and I have managed to do some yoga (DVD, not a class) over the last couple of weeks. I haven't managed to get into any sort of routine though, and I suspect I won't until I finish my course.

6. I'm writing this while watching a BBC documentary about the recreation of the Netherfield Ball in Pride and Prejudice. Fascinating stuff!

7. Candy Crush. I should probably never have started playing because it is a time sucker. Now I have got stuck on Level 147 which is driving me nuts. Grrr!


Sarah@Like sunshine in the home said...

Your job sounds so interesting. My day was spent trying to marry up PTA receipts with bank statements and cheque books. Such fun! LOL.

I'm going to watch the documentary on P&P ball, looks fascinating as you say. :)

Missus Wookie said...

Working by a river would be dangerous for my attention levels... We've been here for fourteen years - fifteen by the time we move and I understand your comment... Tackling one shelf or area a weekend is our current plan.

Good luck on the yoga too.

Caroline said...

Candy Crush is a shocking timewaster, isn't it? I had to delete it from my phone, because I swear I was physically addicted!!