Friday, April 05, 2013

Another Picture Round Up

A few things that have been going on over the last couple of weeks ...

It snowed. Again. This has been the longest winter I can remember. March was ridiculously cold and April has started the same way. There were even snow flurries again yesterday. I am so ready for it to feel like spring. Easter in winter just feels all wrong!

Rose played her violin in a school concert. (Please note that this is not an indication of precocious musical talent. She is very much at the beginner stage!)

Various major things have been going on at work. This year is our centenary and there are a number of related events throughout the year, including exhibitions in local museums. The first opened in a town in the south of the county a couple of weeks ago. There are also going to be a number of staff changes and it looks as though I will be continuing to work full time instead of going back to part time in July as I anticipated.

We managed to get outside for a while at the weekend despite the weather, though we weren't out for long before Rose's insistence that she didn't need a winter coat drove us back to the car with a frozen small person.

Otherwise, life carries on as normal with work and school. Helen will be done with school completely in a couple of months and is job hunting - she is looking for a media based apprenticeship in London. She finished her photography A level last week with an exam piece involving technical wizardry way out of my league - time lapse photography edited into 3D images. Apparently even her teacher didn't think it could be done! Marie is ploughing through GCSE coursework and controlled assessments. Rose has decided numeracy (maths) is her favourite subject at school. I am ploughing on with my archive course, which I now just want to get finished. I start the final module in May and will be done in September.


Missus Wookie said...

Woot to Rose - standing in front of bunch of people to play violin is scary stuff. Good luck to both exam takers and I hope Helen gets a media apprenticeship. Does she have ideas of where she's looking?

Full time but no course from September sounds better than it is at the moment tho'.

The Bookworm said...

She has started off with applications for TV production apprenticeships - she has got a couple of interviews, but obviously it's highly competitive so she is not getting her hopes up. Not sure what she is applying for next - we only get informed after the event!

Working full time has been much easier than I expected, or I wouldn't consider staying full time. And yes, I keep reminding myself that the course will be done after the summer! Fortunately the Latin module I am doing now is very straightforward as I am in the unusual position of using Latin on a regular basis anyway. It means it is more revision than learning anything new for me.

Sarah@Like sunshine in the home said...

The snow has been amazing. I do so love snow, though the farmers on the west of Britain and on the Isle of Man were really hit very hard. Quite tragic really.

Good to hear you have plenty of work, hope you're not disappointed that you don't go back to part-time - how has it been juggling home, children and work? I ask this because my hours are going up from 10 a week to 29 over 4 days (I got a job in the school office). I'm slightly panicky as my dream job is stay at home mum or in my wildest dreams writer, but needs must and dreams don't always pay the bills! :)

Your little one looks so cute with her violin, it's a hard instrument to listen to at the learner stage but wonderful once it's mastered I think.