Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This Week: 14th January 2013

The weather ... an inch or two of snow yesterday. Now thawing slowly, but freezing temperatures predicted for the rest of the week.

I am wearing ... warm winter pyjamas. It is Tuesday night already. Decided it was better late than never with this daybook.

I am reading ... Swiss Watch. Enjoying the book, but not much time to read.

I am creating ... a sweater for myself, knitted in the round from the bottom up. I've reached the yoke so not much more to go and I want to finish it while the weather is still cold enough to wear it. I am repurposing the yarn from last year's aran cardigan that had become ridiculously large thanks to a combination of weight loss and having deliberately knit it oversized.

I am listening ... to English composers. I have started back at orchestra after skipping it last term and we are playing Vaughan Williams' London Symphony, In the South by Elgar and Walton's viola concerto. I'm enjoying listening to all three.

I am watching ... Miranda, and not a lot else.

I am enjoying ... playing my violin again.

On the menu ...
Monday: chicken stir fry
Tuesday: fish in breadcrumbs, potato waffles, green veg
Wednesday: chicken fillets, sweet potato, carrots
Thursday: baked potatoes and chilli
Friday: ??
Saturday: vegetable soup
Sunday: left overs of Christmas turkey with roast potatoes and veg

On the calendar ...
Tuesday: orthodontist for Marie, and a meeting about her trip to Bulgaria in the evening
Wednesday: brass band for myself and Rose (who is beginning to read music, although her ability to actually play the notes is lagging behind her ability to read them - most kids do it the other way round!)
Thursday: orchestra in the evening, and I have promised to go to the gym with Marie while Rose is in her swimming lesson.
Another quiet weekend with nothing on the calendar.

A picture from last week ... we received two large archive collections at work last week. This was about one-third of the total amount that had to be reboxed and shelved during the one weekday we are closed to the public. It was a long, hard day, but we made it!

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Missus Wookie said...

Fascinating seeing the boxes coming in. Well done Rose for the learning to read music.

Dreaded meeting was fairly productive which is all you can hope for.