Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Butterfly World

I promised Rose a visit to somewhere with a butterfly house this summer, so yesterday I took her to Butterfly World (via a stop off at Tevye's office in nearby St Albans so she could see where he works).

There were butterflies - which proved sadly disappointing from Rose's point of view as she really, really wanted one to land on her and none of them obliged, unreasonably ignoring her grumbles and complaints at their lack of cooperation. Quite why she thought that whinging would make them more likely to mistake her for a flower I have no idea!

There were also leaf cutter ants, stick insects and various other six legged beasties.

A nice play area let Rose work out her frustrations. Her yellow t-shirt was carefully chosen for its supposed butterfly attracting properties!

And we both enjoyed exploring a series of small quirky gardens. These giant garden tools and flower pots were impressive.

Rose loved this giant willow nest with wooden eggs

And I liked this quirky thyme garden

So, disappointing butterfly behaviour notwithstanding, we had a good afternoon. An Eden Project style biome is planned for next year, which should be well worth seeing.


Faith said...

Those gardens remind me of something out of Alice in Wonderland.

We went to a Butterfly up in Boston a few summer back. The butterflies were too willing to land on us. Totally creeped me out! It turns out they are bugs! Lol.

Faith said...

Butterfly garden, that is

The Bookworm said...

One of the little gardens was deliberately Alice in Wonderland-ish, with a touch of Narnia.

Missus Wookie said...

Similar complaints from Rosey in both the London Zoo and the Natural History museum butterfly houses. Especially when someone else had a butterfly land on them!

Cool looking gardens too.

Melanie B said...

Bella had the same complaint about the butterflies not landing on her. Especially when several butterflies landed on daddy. (Turns out that diabetics have slightly sweet sweat so he is actually a butterfly magnet.) But she got over it fairly quickly. I think her favorite part was the scavenger hunt handout they gave us. She loved filling out the checklist. I'm trying to figure out what that says about her and how I can capitalize on it in some way.

The Bookworm said...

Rose loves anything with a checklist or activity sheet to fill in. She takes them very seriously!