Saturday, July 14, 2012

Job Done!

Phew! All assignments completed and in the post (or mail, if you are in the US!). I feel as though I now have some breathing space ... to read, blog, play with Rose, maybe even begin to get the house under control. The clutter levels have risen and I need to start getting rid of stuff again.

A quick update on things that are going on round here:

  • The girls are coming to the end of their school year - they finish next Friday, then have six and a half weeks break.

  • Helen has her driving test booked for mid-August. She is desperately hoping she will pass, not just so that she can drive solo, but as she pointed out to me yesterday, "if I fail, I'm going to be SO broke!" The deal is that we are paying to insure our little car for her to drive, but she is paying for her driving lessons. She is coming to the end of the money she saved working as a Christmas temp in a department store last winter, so if she fails and has to pay for more lessons, not to mention the repeat test fee, she is going to be scraping the barrel financially. 

  • Rose has decided to come to the beginner's sessions at the brass band and is learning to play the cornet. She can just about manage to hold it in her small hands! She tried out Helen's old trumpet but I had to hold the end up for her as it was too big and heavy. 

  • Summer is a misnomer. This is what we have had for the last four months, with very little break. Today looks like continuing the soggy, miserable theme. I will be out there, playing the trombone in the rain - under some sort of tent or gazebo, but it isn't likely to be entirely dry.


ellie said...

Congratulations on getting your work done! And how lovely that Rose is picking up an instrument!

I do wish we could meld our horrible weather systems this summer: less drought for us, more sunshine and warmth for you!

PixieMum said...

I hope it wasn't too bad for you last Saturday, quite wet in SW London and very muddy underfoot.

I was at a local fair, on the stand for Local Archives, fortunately situated in the craft tent so dry but muddy. Bit disappointed as no craft in the craft tent, thought local yarn shop may have had a stand as they are so near.

Hope you and the family have a fun and relaxing Summer.

Missus Wookie said...

Was thinking of you today as we wandered - thinking that it was JUST the sort of day to sit and listen to a concert :)

Yeah on getting the work done - congratulations! Enjoy your summer - let's hope for some sunshine too.