Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Advent Books: Week 2

The books for advent have been a huge hit so far (with the exception of Saint Andrew which she took against). This weeks selection is:

Sunday: A Christmas Story by Brian Wildsmith

Monday: Nutcracker (very pretty pop-up / lift the flap version)


Tuesday: Saint Nicholas by Mary Joslin

Wednesday: Country Angel Christmas by Tomie de Paola

Thursday: Mary by Brian Wildsmith

Friday: Christmas Trolls by Jan Brett

Saturday: The New Star by Taffy Davis

Highlights for Cherub from last week were The Story of Christmas by Jane Ray, which Cherub has wanted read every day. Apparently it was also their storybook at school one day, which delighted her. I love Jane Ray's style of illustration, the text is traditional and flows well, and I noticed for the first time that in a couple of the pictures Mary is discreetly nursing baby Jesus (a nice touch, I thought). Mog's Christmas by Judith Kerr is an old favourite, but Cherub now gets the humorous touches that went over her head last year. Another one we are both loving is Jan Brett's The Twelve Days of Christmas, which I am expected to sing in its entirety. We both love the little vignettes at the side of each page showing a family finding, cutting and decorating their Christmas tree. Jan Brett's pictures within pictures are always a delight.


Melanie B said...

Thanks so much for the idea of wrapping a few at a time. I never would have done it this year otherwise. I wish I'd kept a list of the books we've unwrapped so far. I wish I was keeping up with blog posts with reading notes. But things have been too crazy. So far Bella has really loved The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey. And her favorite from last year, The Story of Holly and Ivy, though that is too long to read in a single sitting. Ben is loving Who Is Coming to Our House. Sophie doesn't seem to have a favorite but is enjoying them all.

PixieMum said...

Best wishes to you and all the Bookworm family for Christmas and for 2012.

Thanks for all the pleasure your blog gives me, and all your readers too.